In Company Nurture Retreat

For companies, especially for companies offering care, we have designed our In Company Nurture Retreat.
The work-pressure in care-institutions is increasing, is often even irresponsable.
Working in care can be a heavy burden, bodily as well as psychically.

Yet it is very important for the clients you are taking care of, that your staff have enough reserves to devote themselves completely to their jobs. Above that, a well balanced work force increases the chance of high sick-absenteeisme.

In our In Company Nurture Retreat we strive for the recovery of the bodily energy and the strengthening of, or refinding the mental balance. Therefore we offer the opportunity for relaxation in the first place. Next to it we pay, under expert guidance, attention to de-stressing and the economical use of your own strength, through which the work-pressure is experienced as less stressful.

During the In Company Nurture Retreat we aim completely at the special situation within your company and make, in consultation, a special arrangement.

We love to welcome you at Centrum Wilgenhoeve.