Group accommodation

Centrum Wilgenhoeve, Centre for reflection, peace and relaxation in harmony with nature offers the unique environment for:

  • trainings, courses and workshops
  • business trainings
  • teambuilding
  • brainstorm sessions
  • business outings
  • special reunions
  • family reunions
  • retreats

The natural environment offers possibilities for everyone to enjoy the group event completely. There is enough room to be together en there are sufficient corners and seats to seclude yourself in all rest.


  • mainly rooms for 2 and 3 persons
  • 2 group rooms
  • fully equiped kitchen
  • modern bathrooms
  • sauna
  • sunbench
  • ecological garden
  • sweat lodges

In consultation we make an arrangement, based upon your wishes and adapted to your situation.
The possibilities range from self-supporting to completely provided for.

We prepare healthy, tasty meals, vegetarian if you wish, and and when possible, depending on the season, with products from our own Permaculture-garden.

We can lodge and welcome groups to a maximum of 20 persons.

Sweat lodges
On the premises of Centrum Wilgenhoeve there are two sweat lodges, which are to let.
Small sweat lodge for about 10 persons
Big sweat lodge for about 25 persons