You are often busy with others, but sometimes your tank gets empty.
In order to be able to take care for others, we must take care of ourselves.
How often did you hear that? But it’s so easy to forget it….
Take a few days time for yourself en let yourself nurture by others.

We offer a calm, relaxed program with attention for body and spirit. Together with you we compose this program.

You can make a choice out of:

  • sauna
  • sun-bench
  • complete bodymassage
  • partial massage ( in consult with us)
  • footreflexmassage
  • feetmassage
  • head-, face-, shouldermassage
  • warmthpacking (lignoparaffin)
  • footbath with etheric oil
  • bubblebath with etheric oil
  • a coaching talk with Ariana or Gila in order to set out a new direction in your life

You can make use of:

  • the mechanical massage-bench
  • the trim bycicle
  • the bellymuscle trainer
  • the trampoline

For the inner man too can be taken care of.
We serve healthy meals, if you wish vegetarian. If possible we use products from our own Permaculture garden.

What can you expect from us?

  • warmth,domesticity and personal attention
  • rest in a safe, small-scale environment
  • animation, inspiration and contemplation
  • expertness and professional help

You can book a nurture program, as an individual or with a number of people.

For groups
If you come as a group we offer you, as an extra, one or more meditations (dependent on the number of people and the number of days that you will stay) and a soundconcert.
The maximum number of participants is 12.