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Centrum Wilgenhoeve is situated in the south-west part of Fryslân, in the middle of the wide Frisian country, just outside the village Exmorra at a distance of 5 kms from Bolsward and 8 kms from the Makkumer beach.

Exmorra forms part of the “Aldfaers Erf Route”, a route, honouring in four villages, the inheritance of our forefathers.
In Exmorra you can also visite the Agriculture Museum, a glass-works, an antiques- and curio-shop, and a shop with stones and minerals.

Aldfaers Erf Route
‘Aldfaers Erf’ is the name for the inheritance of our ancestors. Within the triangle Makkum, Bolsward, Workum are situated four villages (Allingawier, Exmorra, Ferwoude en Piaam) together forming a unique museumroute. Here you can taste the sphere of the 18th and 19th century by means of fine restored and originally appointed historical houses, and the articles of use and the tools which are left behind by the Frisian rural population from that time.

In short: a formidable touristic sight.

Do this 25 kms long cultural-historical route walking, cycling or by boat and enjoy at the same time the Frisian polder- and mondlandscape. The route is open from 1 April till 31 October, from 10.00 till 17.00. Information about visites and possible arrangements you can get at: Stichting Aldfaers Erf, Mailbox 176, 8700 AD Bolsward or phone 0515 575681 or have a look at the website

Holle Poarte
The Holle Poarte, Makkum’s recreationcentre with many pssibilities is situated at 8 kms distance from Centrum Wilgenhoeve.on the shore of the IJsselmeer. The compound is only separated from the beach by a splendid promenade. Scattered over the compound of 32 hectares you will find a supermarket, restaurants, cafetaria, snackbar, pub, druggest’s and victualler’s shop, several other shops, sportingfacilities, recreationground and recreationroom. During the summer there is an extensive and varied recreationprogram.

For surfers the Holle Poarte is a paradise, there is always wind and the shallow water (40 cms) in this corner of the former Zuiderzee is wellknown till far beyond our boarders. There are two surfingschools on the beach where you also can rent a complete surfing equipment.

The yachtingharbour Marina Makkum is also worth visiting. Here you will find a harbour-pub and a playground and a swimmingpool for the children.

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Bolsward’s inner town has the status of a protected city-view.
The pattern of the streets and canals is mediaeval.
Along the small canals and streets there are many monumental premises. A number of them such as the Town Hall, the Martinichurch and the Antiquityroom (oudheidkamer) is open to the public and worth visiting.
Other sights of the town are the Gysbert Japicxhuis, the Titus Brandsma Museum, brewery Us Heit and the distillery of Sonnema Berenburg.

Bolsward has a number of yearly returning events:

  • Rijwielelfstedentocht (the Eleven Cities Cycling tour, 230 km at Whit Monday)
  • The Heamieldagen (Haymealdays), a festival being held after the harvest. The “Haymeael” is held on the last Thursday in June. It lasts several days, has a streetfestival on Saturday and is closed with a grand firework.
  • Bolletongersdei (An old Frisian tradition, hard to translate), a marketday on the first Thursday in October with hundreds of stalls.

In the field of Horeca (hotel and catering) Bolsward has a lot to offer with nice restaurants and pubs.

Your children will be enthousiastic when visiting the modern indoor swimmingpool Vitaloo

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In the nearest surroundings you can visit:

  • the city of watersports Sneek, with its Sneekweek, the first week in August
  • the Historical Shipyard- and “Skûtsje”museum in Eeernewoude
  • the Kazematten (casemate)museum in Kornwerderzand
  • the Kameleon (Chameleon) village in Eeernewoude
  • the Eise Eisenga Planetarium in Franeker
  • the Aqua Zoo, just outside Leeuwarden
  • the harbours of Harlingen
  • the Nationalpark : De Alde Feanen (The Old Dig Peats) in Eernewoude
  • the Rock ‘n Roll Museum in Arum
  • the Themepark Spitkeet (house made of sods) in Harkema
  • the Palace the Stadhouderlijk Hof (Stadtholders Court) in Leeuwarden
  • the play- and Do-park Aeolus in Sexbierum
  • the Verzetsmuseum (Museum of Resistance) in Leeuwarden

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